Israeli Public Agenda: Operation “Tzuk Eitan”

By: Israel Kellersztein

Since de beginning of the operation «Tzuk Eitan» (Protective Edge) I’ve received several phone calls and messages from people all around Latin America that are concerned about me, asking me if I have been recruited to the army, how are things here, but mostly complaining about what the media is publishing. It is for this reason that I have decided not only to fight on the combat field but to join you in the media field, the field of «Hasbara» (explanation).

First of all, I would like to highlight the work that has been accomplished during these days by the Israeli government lead by the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Secretary of Defense Moshe Yaalon, and all of our defense mechanisms such as Tzahal, Shabak lead by Beni Gantz and Yoram Cohen which we trust and are proud of. I would also like to highlight the effort, patience and the support that the Israeli people have shown, and last but not least, thank all of you in the diaspora for your concern and for being a part of the hasabarti war, which no easier than the one we are fighting here.

My name is Israel Kellersztein, born in Mexico, have been an Israeli citizen for 9 years, was a combat commander in Guivati unit in the Gaza strip during my regular service and then a combat commander in the unit 9271 in the south of Israel during my service in the reserves.
Three days ago and after providing Hamas and other terrorist organization 48 hours to stop firing at our citizen in the south of the country, the operation «Tzkuk Eitan» began. The main goal being to strike Hamas strongly and firmly in every aspect: to destroy there missiles as well as their ability to produce more of them and their many tunnels that they have built throughout Gaza, this way bringing back quietness to the south of the country. The world must understand that Israel is not fighting against the Arabs or Palestinians as a people, Israel is fighting against a specific terrorist group which has as a main goal, destroying Israel along with all the Jews that live here This we will not allow.

From the beginning of the operation until now, 350 missiles have been launched all around the country: from Arad, Dimona, Beer Sheva, Sderot and Ashkelon to Rishon Le Tzion, Tel Aviv, Jersulaem, Hedera and even Haifa; 90 of them were intercepted by the amazing «Kipat Barzel» (iron dome), and the rest fell in uninhabited territories. Tzahal has attacked 860 targets all over the Gaza strip, 600 tons of explosives have fallen over Gaza and have caused approx. 90 Palestinian deaths including the marine commander of Hamas, terrorists that have tried to infiltrate through the sea, or launched rockets at Israel, terrorists that were liberated in exchange for Guilad Shalit and more.

No government that assumes their responsibility for their civilians would allow something like this, and Israel is no exception. As of now their have been mostly maritime and air strikes. The intensity of the strikes is getting stronger day by day and will continue to do so until Hamas stops firing against Israel. Tzahal is ready, in case it become necessary to expand this operation adding infantry units that are only waiting on the cabinets command to begin their task. This time Tzahal is motivated and is ready to finish the job. The cabinet has already approved the recruit of up to 40 thousand reservists, the first phase of 10.000-15.000 has already begun, the next phases will depend on how the operation continues.

The Gaza strip has the world’s highest population density rate, making it is impossible to avoid that sadly some citizens are injured or even killed by Israeli attacks. I believe that there is no way to justify this, but it is only more complicated when you are dealing with terrorists that use their own people as human shields, it’s difficult when they have been warned on television, radio, have been called and messaged that Israel will attack and even then decide to abide the orders of Hamas and not abandon their homes, just so that Hamas can use them. We are deeply sorry for the loss of innocent lives, but Hamas is to blame for every citizen that is killed or injured in the Gaza strip. Hamas is not only responsible for trying to kill Israeli citizen but also for causing the death of Palestinians buy hiding behind them.

The humanitarian aid which includes food, medicine and fuel that is provided to Gaza despite the constant attacks, the electricity in Gaza that Israel provides have not been cut off as contradictory as this might seem Israel does not stop providing for Gaza even in times like these because we understand the current situation the Gaza strip, the citizens are not our enemies and this is why the border continues to be open.
In the past few days, many pictures have been distributed on the internet, the media publishes bias articles. There are many ignorant medias, so please learn to filter the information that is false, don’t stick with the opinion of only one source and most importantly pay attention to the pictures that many times are not even relevant to the current operation and were taken somewhere else. It is important that you accomplish this task as best as possible for you are the voice of Israel in the world.

This operation will continue, and will not be short, for the time being a cease fire is not near by. Israel needs enough time to accomplish their goals, all of Israel and all of its citizens are a target for Hamas; the people of Israel stand firmly and united supporting Israel and most importantly stand SAFELY.

I ask all of you to continue being patient, to not believe everything you hear on the media, to stand together and support our citizen and us your soldiers.

Am Israel Chai!

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