By: Aron Engelhard, Rosh Jinuj Hanoar Haztioni B’Perú

This year Israel turns seventy. It may seem like a short time for a state; however, within this
time frame, Israel made more history than any other nation in the world. How is it possible?
We are proud that Israel is a world power at the level of technological and educational
development, which continues to flourish even more every day. However, how is it possible
that such a tiny and seemingly vulnerable country, has been able to excel in the Middle East?
Most of the innovative nations have reached their splendor due to needs, and Israel is no
exception. Since 1948, the State has been struggling for its existence – a situation which led
to the need to break the schemes known to date and become a revolutionary state with respect
for its citizens.
Unfortunately, everything has its price. Years of wars and conflict have left Israel with deep
wounds that even time cannot cure. Hundreds of Israeli families only think of one thing – the
loss of their children, soldiers who gave their lives for the welfare and existence of our people
in our land. Thanks to these noble people, Israel is our country and will continue to be so. No
amount of words is enough to talk about the past of each one of these brave warriors. For this
reason, every year they receive the honor of all the Jewish people who remember their
children and keep their memory alive.
Yom Hazikaron is genuinely an important day. The strength and courage of each one of our
brothers who is not among us today are remembered in all parts of the world. In Hanoar
Hatzioni, we see this day as one of the most solemn days of our calendar, but… why?
Since its creation, our Tnua fought for the freedom of the Jewish people and their return to
Israel, their national home. Many of our chaverim decided to be protagonists in the realization
of this dream and did so in different ways; some of them are among our current sources of
inspiration, personalities who crystallized our ideals and made us a solid movement.
Unfortunately, some of them gave their lives for our safety. I am proud to call Israel my
With these words I want to thank all those who watch over us every day, risking their lives
and allowing the greatest longing of the Jewish people to remain a reality. This is why we
remember and honor every year, always with the hope of not having to add more names to
our prayers.
Chazak Ve’ematz

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