During the years following the First World War, a handful of young intellectuals eager for reforms adopted critical attitudes regarding the extremist viewpoints and slogans, concluding that there is a need to create a youth movement that would serve as an expression of the diverse conceptions and perceptions within Judaism, placing Zionism as a supreme idea.


  • 1917- Birth of the “Yehuda Hatzair” movement in Canada
  • 1926/1927 -Creation of “Hanoar Hatzioni” in Poland. “Hatikva”, “Hakoach”, “Hatzair”, “Balfuria” and other movements get together to form “Hanoar Haivri”
  • 1928 – First “Plugat Hachshara” in Poland
  • 1929- Creation of the movement in Rumania
  • 1930 – The first Aliyah of our movements’ chalutzim (pioneers). Hanoar Hatzioni Kibbutz in Petach Tikvah
  • 1931 – Unifying convention – The name “Hanoar Hatzioni” is adopted for the world movement.
    • Creation of the movement in Hungary, Austria and Lithuania
    • Creation of the movement in Israel.
    • Election of the Hanaga Eliona
    • Unifying convention – The name “Hanoar Hatzioni” is adopted for the world movement.
  • 1932- Creation of the movement in France
  • 1933 – Creation of the movement in Belgium and Latvia
  • 1934 – Creation of the “League of Hanoar Hatzioni Kibbutzim” in Israel 
  • 1935 -Split between Hanoar Hatzioni Alef and Bet.
    • First “Haoved Hatzioni” convention in Raanana
  • 1936- Colonization of “Usha” in the Zevulun Valley
  • 1938- Colonization of Tel Yitzhak in the Sharon prairie.



  • 1939 – Choma U Migdal”, colonization of Kfar Glikson in the Shomron hills.
    • Creation of the movement in Argentina.
    • The arrival of the Asimi ship with the ma’apilim (illegal immigrants).
    • The movement activity in Warsaw is renewed.
    • Creation Grochov agricultural colony near Warsaw.
  • 1940 – Hanoar  Hatzioni  Chaverim across Europe activate in an organized and intensive way in the ghettos of Warsaw and Lodz Krakov. It has a central participation in the ghettos upraised.
    • Hundreds of Hanoar  Hatzioni  chaverim are part of the “partisan movement , activating intensively against the Nazis.
    • Hanoar Hatzioni actively organizes a Brushes Factory, as a source of work and activism for bogrim in the ghetto of Warsaw.
  • 1941 – Foundation of the Educational Institute Magdiel (Mozenzon).
  • 1942 – Abba Bardicsev was a parachute from Israel who helped Jewish Europeans during the war.
  • 1943- Colonization of  Nitzanim  in the coast line
  • 1944 – Creation of the movement in United States of America.
    • The first Aliyah of Latin-American Chalutzim.
  • 1945 – Alia of the first Latin American Jalutzim.
    Creation of the movement in Uruguay



  • 1946 – Creation of the movement in Peru
  • 1948 – Dvora Epshtein, Abraham Geler and Yaacov Kroj, fell in the Independence war in the battle for Nitzanim.
    • Creation of the movement in Mexico and Chile.
    • Foundation of the Educational Institute Chavat Hanoar Hatzioni in Jerusalem.
    • Foundation of the Educational Institute Alonei Itzhak.
    • Colonization of “Timurim”- Moshav shitufi
  • 1950 – Colonization of Ein Hashlosha in the western Negev.
    • Colonization of :Talme Iafe” – Moshav Shitufi
  • 1951- The movement began to activate in North Africa.
  • 1952 – Creation of the movement in Bolivia and Cuba
  • 1953- The second Latin-American garin alyah  joins Nitzanim. Creation of the movement in Panama.
  • 1954 – The first Chilean garin alia joins Tel Yitzhak.
    • Creation of the movement in Brazil.
  • 1955 – First South-American Continental Machon is held in Burzaco.
  • 1956- Creation of the movement in the United Kingdom.
    • Creation of the movement in Costa Rica.
    • “Canadian Young Judea” joins the world movement.
    •  Creation of the “Movement Forest” in Ein Hashlosha.
    • Creation of the movement in the United Kingdom.
    • Creation of the movement in Costa Rica.
    • “Canadian Young Judea” joins the world movement.
    •  Creation of the “Movement Forest” in Ein Hashlosha.
  • 1957 – First Hanoar Camp in the UK
  • 1958 – The fourth Uruguayan Kibbutz joins to Kfar Glickson.
  • 1962/1963 – Creation of the movement in Paraguay
  • 1964/1965 – In Tel Itzchak  “Massuah” its founded, as a study center to honor the memory of those murdered in the Nazi Holocaust.
    • Colonization of “Mei Ami”- Ishuv shitufi
  • 1964 / 1965- The “Bamakor” garin (of Uruguay and Argentina) joins Nitzanim.



  • 1971- Creation of the “Moshe Naihaus” forest in Nitzanim.
  • 1975- Foundation of the Liberal Institute “Dr.  Foerder” in Tel Itzhak.
  • 1977- Jubilee of the movement:  50 years of  “Hanoar Hatzioni”.
  • 1980- The “Namshij” garin joins Ein Hashlosha.
  • 1981 – “Netzah Israel” of Sao Paulo joins “Hanoar Hatzioni”.
  • 1983 – First “Machane Bein Leumi” of Hanoar Hatzioni.
  • 1985  – The “Shalechet” garin joins Ein Hashlosha.
  • 1988- First  “Mishlachat Polin” of “Hanoar Hatzioni”.
  • 1990- Creation of the movement in Turkey.
    • First Latin-American “Seminar Bogrim Manhiguim” [SBM].
  • 1991 – Creation of the movement in Ecuador.
  • 1992- Creation of the “Hanoar Hatzioni Worldwide” forest in Yatir.
  • 1993 -First North (Latin-American) Continental Machon [MCT] in Costa Rica.
    • Re-establishment of Bama: Hanoar Hatzioni Magshimim Forum
  • 1995 – Creation of “Moadon Israel”, initiative from Natan Cezang school and Hanoar Argentina
  • 1996 -Veida Olamit (World Convention) of “Hanoar Hatzioni” in Jerusalem
  • 1997- First “Seminar Europe-Canada Bogrim Manhiguim” [ECSBM].
  • 1998- Mazkirut Olamit re-structured. Publication of the new Darkenu edition.
  • 1999- Hanoar Hatzioni website is published.



  • 2000 – First World “Rafsodia”  of Hanoar Hatzioni.
  • 2001 – Creation of the movement in Colombia (Ken Yahad, Barranquilla).
    • Creation of the “Israel programs” department
  • 2002 – Solidarity delegations from Belgium and UK arrive to Israel.
    • X Continental Machon (Latin America) in Ecuador
    • Deotenu project begins
  • 2003 -Veida Chinuchit in Israel.
    • Creation of Beit Scopus (Bait laboger) in Argentina.
    • SBM in Israel
  • 2004- First Kvutza Tzeirei Ami from Chile with Shnat Hachshara Hanoar Hatzioni.
  • 2005 -“Tzeirei Ami” as part of Hanoar Hatzioni World family.
    • Opening of Beit Scopus (Bait laboger) in Costa Rica.
    • Hanoar Hatzioni (Mexico) inauguration of Ken Itsjak Steiger at the Tarbut Hebrew School.
    • Start of the “Israel Challenge” program (Masa)
  • 2007 – Veida Olamit (World Convention) of “Hanoar Hatzioni” in Israel.
    • Creation of Beit Scopus (Bait laboger) in Uruguay.
  • 2008 – Start of Beit Scopus (Bait laboger) in Rosario, Argentina
    • Opening of Beit Scopus (Bait laboger) in Ecuador.
    • “Israel Hatzeira” (Argentina) signs a cooperation agreement and begins its activities as part of the Hanoar Hatzioni family.
    • Collaboration agreement with “Olam BeYajad” (Argentina).
  • 2009 – New Garin Alyah from Hanoar Hatzioni b’ UK.
    • Publication of Tzeadim Rishonim (Darkeinu for Bnei Midbar).
    • XIX SBM, first continental activity with Tzeirei Ami, Chile.
    • Back to basics direction as part of the Educational movement.
    • First Netzach (Brazil) Machane Kaitz in Israel, organized by Hanoar Hatzioni.
  • 2010 – Garin Alyah from Hanoar Hatzioni b’ Turkey.
    • Garin Alyah from Hanoar Hatzioni b’ Peru, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.
    • First Machane Kaitz to Hanoar Hatzioni Belgium, run by Hholamit in Israel.
    • Collaboration agreement with Beyachad Youth Movement (Monterrey, Mexico) as part of the Hanoar Hatzioni Worldwide family.
  • 2011 – After decades, the 57th. Machon Continental is organized in Chile. Tzeirei Ami hosts the event.
  • 2012 – “85th Anniversary of Hanoar Hatzioni”, central event in Yerushalaym, with the presence of  President Shimon Peres.
    • Educational and institutional agreement with the Jewish Community of Athens, Greece is signed.
  • 2015 – Veida Chinuchit Hanoar Hatzioni in Israel
    • Communities od Malaga and Melilla (Spain) join the Hanoar Hatzioni Family
    • Agreement of Educational cooperation is signed with the “Adain Lo” community of Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2016 – Inauguration of the new Netzah Ken un Sao Paolo
  • 2017 – Inauguration of the new Hanoar Hatzioni ken in Mexico
  • 2018 – Inauguration of the new Ken de Hanoar Hatzioni b Paraguay: Ken Nitzanim.
    • Educational and institutional cooperation agreement with the community of Portugal.
    • Beginning of educational cooperation with the Luxembourg community.
    • Beginning of educational cooperation with tnua Hineni in Australia.
    • Opening of the Ken Hanoar Hatzioni in Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • 2019 – Return of the tnua to Buenos Aires: Manhigut project.
  • 2020 – Coronavirus challenge: Hanoar Hatzioni worldwide is repositioning itself against the educational challenge that this situation confronts us.
    • Integration of the Tnua Dor Jadash from Mexico to the great family of Hanoar Hatzioni
    • Opening of the new Hanoar Hatzioni ken in Cancun
    • First Virtual Machon: Union of the Contienental Machon Tzfoni and Machon Choref
    • Support and partnership with the Rimon Movement, created by a group of students in the United States looking to re-
      imagine Israel education on the University Campus.

  • 2020 – 2021 – Masa awarded the prize to Hanoar Hatzioni for “Organizer of the Year 2020-2021”
  • 2021 – Historical face-to-face visit of the Mazkirut Olamit to 12 countries to kick-start the RESTART project
  • 2022 – “Manhigut Lelo Gvulot” or Leadership without borders, is an initiative, carried out in conjunction with the Noar Vechaluz and Dor Hemshej department of the World Zionist Organization, in which Olim and Olot of the Hanoar Hatzioni Family volunteered at the Ukrainian border with Poland during the war against Russia, to provide a space of calm for the mothers, but also of games for the children.
    • Hanoar Hatzioni  from Hungary  volunteered to help refugees who where in the country waiting for authorization to make Alia.
    • Return of all our continental meetings in person after years of social distancing and different limitations.
    • Manhigut International Camp 2 was held with the participation of chaverim and chaverot from different programs in Israel such as Shnat Hajshara, Bama Olim B’Israel, Arevim Masa Year of Service, Manhigut, members of the Hanoar Hatzioni Family from Europe and AMLAT.

The contribution to the israeli society


Hanoar Hatzioni founded a network of educational institutes with boarding schools, in which thousands of young people from Israel and the diaspora are educated. These institutes are co-owned by the movement, maintain contacts and collaboration with the Ministry of Education.  The Institutions are:

  • Nevé Hadassa- Located in the Sharón, next to the Kibbutz Tel Itzjak.
  • Javat Hanoar Hatzioni – (In homage to Israel Goldstein) in Jerusalem.
  • Alonei Itzjak – neighbor to Kibbutz Kfar Glikson
  • Educational Center in memory of Dr. Monssenson – in Magdiel.


Kibbutzim & Moshavim

Our chaverim founded kibbutzim and moshavim throughout Israel. The kibbutzim of Hanoar Hatzioni are: Usha, Hasolelim, Kfar Glikson, Tel Itzjak, Nitzanim and Ein Hashlosha.


In the 1960s, members of Hanoar Hatzioni and Akiva founded the “Massuah” International Center for Holocaust Studies, which is located to this day in the Tel Itzjak kibbutz.

His focus is on youth movements during shoa. Massuha is where the Hanoar Hatzioni world archive is located, in which dozens of years of ideological educational activities are documented.

Massua: http://www.massuah.org.il/eng




It is the organization that supports young people who decided to immigrate to Israel. We accompany, assist and advise our olim in their absorption process during the first months in Israel.

In order to achieve this goal, we have established four supportive arrays, each one of them relates to a particular stage in the process of Aliya and absorption of the Oleh, but all of which are synchronized under the same project:

  • Before Aliya: The Shlichim and Pehilim staff, together with members of the Mazkirut Olamit, will guide the Olim on options for immigration, and help them get answers to their questions. 
  • Soldierity: The Mazkirut Olamit, together with Bogrim of the Tnua, who have undergone military service, will take care of guiding the Olim with all issues related to recruitment to the IDF.
  • Olimkedin: This initiative is intended for anyone looking for opportunities for professional development in the workforce.
  • Scopus Israel: This initiative constitutes a network of Bogrim of the Tnua in Israel and is in fact the main social framework of the Olim.


It is the central decision-making body within the organization. This is in charge of managing the general and strategic affairs of the institution to guarantee its correct operation, development and improvement, based on the strictest rules of transparency, openness and security. It is made up of the general director, the treasurer, the organizational adviser and the coordinators of the departments of “education,” logistics “,” Europe and North America “,” Latin America “,” Programs in Israel “,” Shnat Hajshara Tnuatit ”,“ MASA Programs ”,“ Communication ”and their Shijlim.

Mazkirut Olamit is an NGO, recognized by the State of Israel and by National Institutions. Its president is Joel Montvelisky.


Due the responsibility that we have as a youth educational movement towards the Jewish and Zionist education of the youth of the diaspora, we assume the commitment to activate together with other Tnuot that share our essential foundations of Judaism and Zionism as ideological dimensions, together with the fact be supportive. This supported the creation of the Hanoar Hatzioni family. This family is made up of our kenim around the world and by those we have named “Sister Tnuot” .

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