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About Us

Arevim brings young Jewish people together in Israel to enlist in a long-term volunteer program.

Our main goal is to give you a significant experience through social service and a rich educational-tourism program.

Why Choose Us

Sherut Leumi
/Social Service

The participants will be able to choose their volunteering program within the areas of health, education and welfare. 

Participants will also be able to choose a professional work environment and explore their skills, interests and career curiosity.

Courses & seminars

We offer a series of seminars and courses ranging in topics of leadership and entrepreneurship that are designed to inspire participants about their future after the program.

Israel Engagement

A space where different topics related to the Israeli-Arab conflict, politics and current affairs are covered. 

With weekly encounters in the form of talks or trips where the events take place, we will provide training with professionals so the participants can analyze, understand and reach their own conclusions regarding the Israeli society and the Middle East in general.

Fun & Adventure

Participants will get to explore the most beautiful natural landscapes that Israel has to offer and enjoy a wide range day trips, hikes, nature reserves, historical sites and a unique window into other communities and cultures.

"I had the most amazing time this past year in the Arevim Masa Year of Service. I loved the independence, being able to live on my own and have my own job. The program had a good balance of letting us be independent while also having some prepared programming for us. "

Lauren Shoub, USA
*Arevim 2020-2021

"After the high holidays, Adam worked at the Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv as a nurse’s aide for several months, and then as a teacher’s assistant at King Solomon school in Herzliya. He received his Covid vaccines in December and January – long before we were vaccinated in Canada – and was able to join a gym and go to restaurants and clubs. The group went on trips up north and in the desert and had wonderful experiences."

Sharon Clark & Marty Scheinberg, Ottawa

"The program also took us to the many landmarks and historical sites in Israel, such as Jerusalem’s Western Wall, which was a powerful sight to see, having never seen it before. I saw so many mesmerizing sites and learned so much about the country from these trips. In conclusion, doing this gap year program was the best decision I ever made. I created bonds to last a lifetime and made memories that I will recall for years to come. So if you are a future possible Masa participant reading this and deciding how you would like to spend your year, let me strongly recommend this life-changing program.

Dylan Snider, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
*Arevim 2020-2021

My year in Israel was a life-changing experience. I came in a little scared and unsure of myself and I left feeling like a confident adult. I learned how to live with others and on my own, I learned how to show up to work on time every day, and I learned a ton about Israel and my own Jewish identity.

Yishai Thau, USA
*Arevim 2020-2021

Live in Tel Aviv as a Local

10-month program


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Masa Year of Service: The Masa Year of Service in Israel is a gap year tailored to enable young Jewish adults to enlist in a long-term volunteer program, where they will strengthen their connection to Israel, reflect on their Jewish identity and gain their own firsthand, unfiltered insight into the Israeli society.

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