Dear family, we need your help​

We have 5 campaigns

In which you can support in different ways.

Today more than ever, “if you are a chavera or chaver of the Tnua: we need you close by, to help”.

If in these difficult times, you are interested and can help olot and olim chadashim, chayalot and chayalim bodedim, relatives of chaverim in areas affected by war, victims and families of the kibutzim of southern Israel in need, etc, join any of these initiatives and share in order to help more people.

Our intention is to strengthen our community so that we can remain “Strong and Courageous” in the face of all adversity.

Chayalim Bodedim

We have about 32 chaverim and chaverot who are currently in service and in Miluim. There are different ways to help: "Adopt" a chaverim, donate financially or in kind, and help us provide psychological assistance. For more information

Olim Chadashim

Many of our Olim and Olot are alone and in these times of crisis they need a place of containment.
There are different ways to help: Bait Patuaj, Adopt an ole, or help us provide psychological assistance.
For more information

Continuity of our tochniot in Israel

During the beginning of the war our programs were affected to ensure the safety of our chanichim and chanichot.
While these are expenses that we do not consider in order to take them out of the country, we need your support to maintain our working Tzevet.


Many of our chaverim who live on Kibbutzim created by members of Hanoar Hatzioni, who founded the foundations of Medinat Israel, were directly affected by this terrible attack.

We want to raise donations to help them restore their kibbutz, houses and items that may be needed to give them the strength to have a home again.

Support for relatives of the disappeared and kidnapped

Unfortunately we know of Chaverim who were kidnapped by Hamas or are still missing. Join forces, organize, promote and spread the word around the world to boost the campaigns to locate people still missing and release all those held hostage by the Hamas terrorist organization.

Would you like to join our whatsapp groups and be part of our community?

Click on the following link and access the different groups we have.

If you would like to donate to any cause through bank transfer use the following information.







ACCOUNT: 467162


IBAN: IL790311090000000467162

Receptor address: Hayasmin St. 1 – Ramat Efal

City: Ramat Efal

Tel: +972 3 5301396


שם החשבון: הסתדרות חלוצית עולמית הנוער הציוני

בנק הבינלאומי הראשון )מספר בנק 31(

סניף אשקלון – 109

מספר חשבון: 467162

We are living through a difficult and heartbreaking situation trying to remain strong and courageous. At times like these, every contribution counts and makes a difference. It is extremely important for us to be able to support those who are serving on the front lines by sending them what they need (we have organized all the data of the bogrim of the Hanoar Hatzioni Family who are recruited), of our chanichim, and to all those people of the Hanoar Hatzioni Family in Israel. Together, we can provide them with the support they need to overcome these challenges.

Generosity is a sign of the strength of our community in difficult times.

Thank you for being part of this solidarity effort.

We hope it will all be over soon.

With much affection,

Jazak Ve Ematz,

Alex Bitterman

General Manager

Joel Montvelisky

Hanoar Hatzioni Chairman Hanoar Hatzioni

Thank you for helping us make a difference
Chazak Ve'Ematz


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