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It is the Program in Israel for schools and formal educational organizations.

It is the platform that unites what is studied in class with the experience of feeling Israel, connecting the student with his land and reinforcing the Jewish identity of each young person.

Participants will have different experiences, whose thematic diversity covers areas related to the culture, history and current affairs of the State of Israel.

We have personalized programs for each institution and we care about achieving educational objectives, using travel as a platform and not just as a tourist trip. We also have an excellent logistics organization and a trained team that will make this program unforgettable for students.

We organize complete programs in Israel and Poland, or also seminars and trainings.

  • Connect what was studied in class with the experiential experience in Israel.
  • Youths can get closer to their roots
  • Foster their identity
  • Strengthen the ties of the Jewish people to Eretz Israel

The program will be based on four main thematic pivots, which will accompany us throughout the stay in Israel and will be handled in several perspectives: 

  • History and roots of the Jewish people
  • History of Israel and the Zionist movement
  • Israeli society – multicultural mosaic
  • Technology and innovation, current events and Hasbara.

It is personalised according to the needs of each institution.

According to institution

Diego Charnovich 


The Madrichim Course is an Israel-based training program for chanichim who are going to become madrichim in the near future.

In this program, you will experience the diversity that Israel can offer on a cultural level from the country’s North to South. It is a program of experiences which fosters the sense of group, of belonging to the tnua and of the connection to the state of Israel.

Every year, we organize delegations of future leaders and madrichim from Brazil (Tapuz), Belgium (Machane Israel), Russia (Adain Lo) and Hungary (Manhigut Seminar).

  • Live a significant experience in Israel.
  • These participants will return to their communities to be madrichim in their Kenim.

It is based on three educational pivots:

  • Experiencing the Israeli society
  • Acquiring tools for Hadracha
  • Learning about the Tnua’s ideology and legacy

It is customized according to needs


Shnat Hachshara
Shnat Hanoar

Shnat Hachshara Tnuatit is the optimal experience of studies and training for our bogrim, both in content and in tools, so that they can develop to become the future manhigim in their respective kenim and kehilot. The thematic axis in our program is composed of chapters that go from the most specific to the most general: Introduction Perek (focused on the chaver and the kvutza), Perek Tnuati, Perek Medinat Ve’Eretz Israel, Perek Am Israel and Perek Sikum (focused on the chaver and the kvutza after the formative experience of Shnat Hachshara Tnuatit).

  • Optimal experience of studies and training for our bogrim, both in content and in tools, so that they can develop to become the future manhigim in their respective kenim and kehilot.

The thematic axis in our program is composed of chapters that go from the most specific to the most general: Introduction Perek (focused on the chaver and the kvutza), Perek Tnuati, Perek Medinat Ve’Eretz Israel, Perek Am Israel and Perek Sikum (focused on the chaver and the kvutza after the formative experience of Shnat Hachshara Tnuatit).

The participants of this program have been selected and recommended by their local communities and kenim with the aim of improving their abilities and commitment to the tnua and the Jewish and Zionist education. The participants’ personal expectations and dreams regarding the program and their commitment to the Jewish and Zionist education are intertwined and shape the educational objectives of this program

11 months


The idea behind this program is to create a personalized challenge in current day Israel, with the possibility of getting acquainted with diverse life opportunities in the country, providing other alternatives to the existing plans of the youth of the Diaspora.

One of our standards is getting to know Israel in an experiential way during the outdoor activities and trips, deepening the knowledge regarding the Israeli society and culture, encouraging significant and creative encounters with Israeli youth and volunteering for the contribution to the Israeli society. We work on current, Israeli and Zionist issues and encourage the learning of the Hebrew language and personal growth of each one of our participants.

  • Create a personalized challenge with the possibility of becoming familiar with various life opportunities in the country, offering other alternatives to existing plans.
  • Develop personally in a group setting.
  • Geographically cover the largest number of visits in Israel.
  • The program is divided into three major sections and stages and a fourth section which is optional. The participant can choose between several options within each stage and thus customize the program to his interests. Among the options are kibbutz, enlistment to Tzahal, entrepreneurship courses in Tel Aviv, a paramedic course in Magen David Adom, a Mediterranean cooking course and aquatic courses (diving and kite surfing) in Eilat.

Minimum 4.5 months up to 8.5 months.

People between 18 and 22 years old


Arevim CYJ brings young Jewish people together in Israel to enlist in a long-term volunteer program. 

  • Arevim’s main goal is to give you a significant experience through social service and a rich educational-tourism program.

The program comprises four major modules: 

  • Social Service (Sherut Leumi)

Sherut Leumi is Israel’s national program of social service, which gives young people the opportunity to work voluntarily in the sectors of society that need it the most. The participants will be able to choose their volunteering program between different areas, having the opportunity to work in a professional environment in Israel and, as a result, learn about themselves and their abilities and explore fields of interest that can become real, long-term career options. Arevim binds Sherut Leumi with the experience of getting to know Israel, its culture, its successes and also its challenges.

  • Israel Update

A space where different topics related to the Israeli-Arab conflict, politics and current affairs are covered. With weekly encounters in the form of talks or trips where the events take place, we will provide training with professionals so the participants can analyze, understand and reach their own conclusions regarding the Israeli society and the Middle East in general.

  • Courses and Seminars

We offer a series of seminars, courses and talks in various topics of general interest, such as an entrepreneur course where the participants can visit startups and large companies in Israel. The program will end with a professional diving course in Eilat.

  • Chagim

As part of the program, we provide the ideal framework to feel and experience the holidays and memorial days like an Israeli: Yom Ha’atzmaut parties in the streets, a special Pesach Seder, Rosh Hashanah activities and Yom Kippur reflections, among others. In Israel, each commemoration is experienced differently, as a matching atmosphere is formed in the streets to fully enjoy every chag.

10 months

Good level of English or Hebrew


Jenna Potash

Israel :

Zoe Brash


MADE IN ISRAEL  is a long-term program in Israel for youths who are interested in broadening their occupational spectrum, developing as entrepreneurs and experiencing work in world-leading companies in different fields.

Within the framework of our program, the participant will acquire new knowledge and live different experiences that will provide him/her with important tools for his/her personal future. We offer training, experience and work during the whole of your stay, in a Jewish, Zionist and pluralist framework, that will allow you to get to know our “Made in Israel” products that have positioned us in the forefront of global development and innovation.

  • An opportunity for professional growth, having an internationally praised work experience.
  • This program aims to educate and inspire the participants and their business spirit, providing new knowledge, skills and tools for their future lives and careers

We offer work internships in large companies assigned according to the participant’s professional and academic goals. The search to match each participant with an internship will be done in advance for each participant. We have a professional internship department in Israel, which works with world-leading companies.

We offer two large courses that will accompany the participant throughout the program:

Entrepreneurship Course: Visits to high-tech companies. Business trips during which the participant can interact with emerging companies (startups), international companies,

Hi-tech companies and other key actors that form the engine of the “Startup Nation”.

Topics: Cyber technology, energy tech, digital media, agritech, automotive, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence.

Israel and the Middle East: An intensive course about the new challenges of Israel that consists of four major educational modules: Israel’s history, Israeli society, Israeli current affairs and the Middle East. Each module is comprised of classes, talks, activities and trips in Israel.

Digital Marketing: Focuses on brand strategies in various digital media platforms (via the internet). The global trend is to combine different techniques, such as content marketing, social media marketing, influencers marketing, programmatic advertising, email marketing, SEO and others. In this course, the participants will learn the importance of marketing personalization and segmentation to achieve better results when promoting a product/service/brand. The course is taught by a certified professional at Google Academy.

Minimum 4 months, up to 8.5 months

  • Over 19 years old and a minimum of one semester of University completed
  • English language skills
  • Hebrew language skills (Recommended)

Diego Charnovich 

four person hands wrap around shoulders while looking at sunset

This program arises from the need to give people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a long-term plan in Israel, organized especially for them, taking into account all their needs. Darkí (in Hebrew ,דרכיmy way), comes from the word derech ,דרך(way). It is the name chosen for this project with the understanding that each participant will make this experience their own “path”.

To provide the opportunity for people with disabilities from Latin America to participate in long-term plans in Israel.
In addition, the specific objectives of the program are:

  • Strengthen the Jewish identity and Zionist dream of people with disabilities through their experiences in the program.
  • To enhance and encourage the personal development and self-determination of the participants through a long-term trip away from their familiar environment.
  • To develop adaptive and survival skills in new environments.
  • Provide the opportunity to learn a new language.
    To learn a leisure activity, carry out internships according to the interests and aptitudes of the participant to implement it in their country of origin.

 First stage: Ulpan and encounter with Israeli culture.
Four times a week in the mornings there will be Hebrew ulpan. The objective of the classes is that they learn the basic words to be able to relate and express their needs in Hebrew; in the afternoons they will attend different volunteering activities such as helping the elderly, children and helping communities in need. Every Tuesday they will go on walks in Israel.

Second stage: Workshops

In the mornings they will attend a workshop, chosen in advance by each participant according to their ability and interest. Based on functionality and with a view to their future benefit, the workshops will be: photography, carpentry and cooking. Upon completion of the workshop, a certificate of participation will be issued. In the afternoons, recreational/sports workshops and activities with the madrichim will be held twice a week.
In addition to this, activities will be carried out three times a week with highly recognized institutions in Israel, with a long history of working with people with disabilities, with whom we will work together.

Third stage: Job placement

Each week the participants will be introduced to a different project which may involve, for example, the immigrant community in South Tel Aviv or kindergartens on the border where they live different realities. On Sunday mornings they will go to meet the communities mentioned above, they will have talks with the aim of understanding their reality so that in the afternoon each workshop can meet and think about what they can do with what they have learned to help them. Throughout the week they will work in the workshops and on Thursdays they will return to the project site to deliver what was created in the workshops.
In the afternoons there will be recreational activities with the madrichim and the weekends will be free as in the previous stages.

To conclude the program, there will be a three-day trip to Eilat with the purpose of closing the trip in the best way possible, enjoying recreational activities and exploring the city. This will conclude the program and the group will be escorted back to the airport to bid farewell.

The duration of the program is 11 weeks divided into three main stages. The first one takes place in the north while the following ones are in the center of the country. Finally, there will be a three-day trip to Eilat to continue getting to know the country and to carry out recreational activities.

In order to establish precisely which population will be targeted, it is essential to have a clear and precise understanding of what we mean by “person with a disability”.
For the World Health Organization, “Disability” is understood as a restriction or impairment of the ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered “normal” for a human being.

Understanding that there are different types of disabilities, this project will be intended for any person with an intellectual disability who meets the following requirements:

  • Between 18 to 35 years old
  • Temporal and spatial orientation
  • Money management
  • Personal autonomy in terms of hygiene and self-care
  •  Literacy
  • Therapeutic companions
  • Highly trained Madrichim
  • Permanent psychologist with the group
  • Occupational therapist

About Masa:

Masa is the global leader in immersive international career development and leadership experiences in Israel for young Jewish adults from around the world.

With a variety of long-term programs in Israel, Masa is able to provide meaningful, enriching experiences to young Jews from many different countries, backgrounds, levels of education, and fields.

Since its founding in 2004, Masa has helped over 150,000 young adults from 60+ countries to strengthen their connection with Israel, empowering a new generation of connected, committed, and inspired young Jewish adults. These young adults are changing the face of the Jewish world and Israel, as professionals, community leaders, and advocates.

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