We should know …..

By: Sergio Edelstein

We should know that the vision of Zionism was and is of a Jewish Life in the State of Israel.
We should know that the Jewish life in Israel is only possible when there is an authentic Jewish-Israeli creation.
We should know that the Jewish people are carrying the load which may and shall make possible such creation.
We should know that one of the major components of democracy is the mutual certainty and this shall dwell among all the citizens of the State of Israel.
We should know that all the inhabitants of the country shall be citizens (with the exception of some exceptionally particular cases).
We should know that the inhabitants of Israel are those living within the borders of the State of Israel and, if this also includes Judea, Samaria y Gaza, its inhabitants have also the right to be Israeli citizens.
We should know that any citizen has the right to chose and/or to be chosen for the Knesset, if not we would not be a democracy and we would be transformed to a regime like the one that existed in South Africa.
We should know that within a democracy the fundamental rights, like the right to live and the right of free expression are the rights of all of its inhabitants.
We should know that we shall know and understand all these assumptions and we shall also make them reality, in a proper way as human beings living within a democracy.
We should know that all things that have their own value are held in common by all the humanity and do not allow a different interpretation on by each person. “Justice is Justice” for all, as well as “the truth is the truth” and this cannot be interpreted in any other way.

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