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Sarit Mizrahi Dabbah, chavera of Hanoar Hatzioní, Ken Hagshama, CDMX.

“Remember and not forget” is something we have always been told when we commemorate the Shoah.

Remember the victims, the dehumanization, the death of millions and millions of people. Remember and appreciate what you have, because in the blink of an eye everything can disappear…

But why, when we remember, we only see what we lost, the bad and death?

All people in this world have an identity, a way of being and a special touch that makes us unique. That is something that has not changed over time and the people who died as victims are no exception.

Yes, it is true that each of those lives is important, however, our brain does not have the ability to imagine 6 million letters, nor flowers, nor human beings.

About half a year ago, I had the opportunity to go to the Masa le Polin with the Machon le Madrichei Chul as part of my Shnat Hachshara. Within that short period of time, my way of looking at life changed completely. I realized that individually remembering people for who they were and what they achieved is much more fulfilling than remembering a set without faces and without names.

During my stay in Poland I learned about very special people, each in their own way. Among them, children, young people and adults who risked their lives so that their families and close people could improve even a little their terrible situation.

However, the stories that most impacted me and touched my heart were those of madrijim/ot by Tnuot Noar.

As madricha of Hanoar Hatzioní today, I feel an inexplicable pride in those heroes and heroines without a cape who did everything possible to keep the magic of being madrichim/ot alive.

Whether doing clandestine peulot, fighting in the war, and even caring for orphans after the war, they managed to maintain their presence and that of the tnua in the janijim/ot and subsequently expanding throughout the world.

Now is the time to reflect, think and take pride in belonging to this movement, because we can change lives with every word we say or every action we do.

We simply have to live in the present, remember the past, think about the future and never forget that we too can be heroes and heroines without a cape, if we choose to follow his legacy.

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