By: Sergio Edelstein

Chaverim Shalom!

I recived the dialogue developing within the Argentinean Tnua [Movement] concerning the relationship between the local Tnua and various community frameworks; I read it attentively. I do not wish to go into details regarding the specific points that were raised. I believe this is a very interesting subject and that it is very important to think and enter into a dialogue. I only want to give a brief overview of two concepts that I believe to be central:

To be non-political. Hanoar Hatzioni is not apolitical. Quite the contrary. As a movement that thinks and educates its bogrim [graduates] to be critical, to doubt, to not take things at face value, we cannot but take political stands. And take political stands in all subjects and all controversies. On what basis? On the basis of the tnua’s worldview and its ideological translation!

To be non-partisan, this belongs to another world already. And we can divide it into two. At the level of the Israeli party system, as Hanoar Hatzioni we are not part of any party, or are not “the youth of …”, as are the majority of the tnuot, which are intimately related to a political party with which they identify symbiotically. But the reality of the political game in the Zionist world lead us more than a decade ago to form our “siah” – political fraction – in this environment, in order to be part of the decisions that matter to us so much, in the Zionist plane, in which we are main actors. We need this framework specially in order to receive the [political Zionist] support that will enable us to defend our interests, both ideological and budgetary or of influence on key decisions.

It is very important to me to make this presentation, so that we share the same codes, as we do the idea, dreams, and path of the Hanoar Hatzioni.

Chazak ve Ematz

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