By: Gabriel Degen

Hanoar Hatzioni has always believed that Jewish, Zionist, humanist and pluralistic education embodies the goal of “Hagshama” (“fulfillment”). This notion exhibits a focus on three major circles of identity; the personal, the national and global identity. To practice this philosophy, a person must invest in the following elements:

  1. To accept the commitment of the continuity of the Jewish people.
  2. “Eye le Zion Tzofia” – our eyes constantly and unconditionally to Zion.
  3. An approach based on knowledge and respect for human rights, which reflects the dignity and freedom of all people.

In every educational act, from the time Isaac Steiger founded the idea of Hanoar Hatzioni to the present day, our movement opposes every act of indoctrination and manipulation, as well as disinformation and lies. The movement’s response is to educate for independent and critical thinking as a solution against ideological and dogmatic preaching.

To be educated and grow as a person in a society where diversity of opinion is an empowering component, requires learning to conduct dialogue to deal with problems and obstacles in a constructive way. This is the aspiration of the movement at large

To build a foundation, we must work hard and invest in it. The result is an educational act, which for over nine decades, retains the same characteristics:

  • Think, listen and always act with respect for others. This is a basic and fundamental trait in the attitude of each one of our members.
  • Influence, change and educate with actions and not just in words. Implement the values ​​of the movement using the personal example.
  • Strengthen our identity as a cornerstone of the continuity of the Jewish people.
  • Advocate for freedom and equality in our role as educators as well as in our personal lives.
  • To dream of peace in Israel, the Middle East, and the whole world, in a more real and less utopian way.

These characteristics are present every year, and today more than ever, around the Passover Seder table. In the spirit of Victor Emil Frenkel’s words, it is our right and duty to convey a message to future generations that in order to dream and perform great deeds, we must express one of the freedoms that is important to us: the freedom to choose our attitude!

Chazak Ve’Ematz!

Chag Cherut Sameach!

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