By: the Mazkirut Olamit

On August 10, a direct charter flight from Mexico to Israel will take place for the first time. In this unprecedented challenge, young participants in educational programs will be transferred, of whom 120 will join the “Israel Challenge” program and another 40 will join “Shnat Hachshara”, of the Hanoar Hatzioni Family. In addition, 50 people will arrive on that same flight to become Olim Chadashim (new immigrants). Each and every one of them, seek to fulfill their dream of coming to Israel in times of the Covid-19.

Thanks to the initiative of the Hanoar Hatzioni World movement and the coordination and cooperation of The Jewish Agency for Israel, Masa, Keren Hayesod, Israel Challenge and Zontravel, the project “Habaita” (Home) by Hanoar Hatzioni will be realized. This project arises with the dream of bringing participants from educational programs and immigrants who want to make their desire to set foot in the Holy Land come true and who, due to the complications of the pandemic, their hopes seemed almost a utopia.

The programs of “Shnat Hachshara” and “Israel Challenge” are key factors to bring young Jews closer to the State of Israel since, through multiple and varied activities, in addition to educational trips through Israel, they live an educational experience so valuable that it connects them with their roots, strengthens their Jewish identity and enhances their Zionist spirit.

Along with this, and as the ideological axis of Hanoar Hatzioni, as well as for the Jewish Agency, the Olim Chadashim (new immigrants) are an essential part in the development of Israel, a State in which they will be able to develop as people and live a Jewish life such as they chose.

Habaita by Hanoar Hatzioni is marking a milestone. On the one hand, it is the first time that a direct flight from Mexico to Tel Aviv will be carried out, coordinated by Hanoar Hatzioni, in which more than 200 participants from Masa and Olim Chadashim programs will take place. On the other hand, it is the first direct flight of Aero Mexico that will land at Ben Gurion Airport.This charter flight makes the arrival of Jews to Israel a reality even in times of pandemic. It is a huge pride for Hanoar Hatzioni to have joined forces with different organizations, showing that unity is strength and that it is undoubtedly making history.

To take care of the health and integrity of the participants and the inhabitants of Israel, it is important to emphasize that the operation Habaita by Hanoar Hatzioni requires a series of special measures. For this reason, a careful and professional logistical deployment has been carried out, in which the participants will strictly adhere to the requirements of the Israeli government.

Without a doubt, this operation demonstrates not only a very high level of work and professionalism by Hanoar Hatzioni, but mainly that if one dares to dream and insists, with great effort and courage, great educational achievements can be achieved. “Habaita” demonstrates that “if you will it, it is not a dream”.

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