“For man is a tree of the field”

By: Eitan Embon
Rosh Chinuch Hanoar Hatzioni B’Argentina

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“For man is a tree of the field” (Deuteronomy, 19:20)

The Torah declares: “For man is a tree of the field” (Deuteronomy, 19:20). The tree has roots that usually cling to the ground from which it emerged. It knows well where it came from, and from there it nourishes itself to achieve an objective. The tree has a clear goal since its birth. This is its reason for being: to reach for the sky, to emerge into the light, to expand through its branches and transcend through its new seeds.

In the Tnua, we educate in order to learn, strengthen and perpetuate the roots of our origins, our Judaism. We are nourished by our origins in order to obtain a path that is clear and personal, although also complex and collective. This quality of defining a self-induced vision and setting goals to be reached is what differentiates us as a Tnua, from other educational entities.

Just as the tree seeks a destination from the beginning, so does our educational movement. Our movement holds on to its sources of nourishment, and never loses grip on its roots to reach a destination – that at the end, is at the same time “ours”.

Chag Tu Bishvat Sameach!

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