And they will all be remembered

By: Sergio Edelstein
Mazkir Olami, Hanoar Hatzioni

In a few hours the Jewish People will remember them.
In a few hours thousands of youth movement janijim will place flowers on their graves.
In a few hours in Israel we will all listen to the Sirens.
In a few hours the fire of remembrance will be light in the Wailing Wall.
In a few hours their names and histories will be remembered.
In a few hours we will remember our Javerim.
In a few hours…

They are the dreamers of the ideals.
They are those that through their acts and heroism changed the direction of our people.
They are those who knew how to effectively enact the value of Ajarai! “After Me!”
They are those who expressed Ajarai to a whole nation.
They are those whose histories write the narrative of the Jewish Nation.
They are those that decided to defend our destiny with their own hands.
They Moshe, Abraham, Deborah, Yaakov, are all our Javerim…
They are the Dreamers…

In a few hours remembered will be the dreamers of the ideal.
Hihie Zichram Baruch

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