A letter sent by Dvora Epstein, bogeret Hanoar Hatzioni in Uruguay, before falling in the battle for her Kibbutz Nitzanim in The War of Independence of Israel.

March 1948

Friends of the Tnua:

This is what I wanted to write to you: that I am currently living all those words that I once
sang in the Tnua and could not understand. Today, these words became flesh and bones; now
I understand their true meaning. Every song, every hymn, has within it so many truths, more
than a picture, written article or these sorts of things. There is a smell of gunpowder in the air
we breathe here, and we will probably receive bad news soon, but also good news.

I always say that we live in the most important period for our people. By the way, you would
not believe how many Jews I met in this country. Jews who live in every corner of the world.
Indian Jews from Hashomer Hatzair, chavrei Dror from Donkrak and chavrei Hanoar Hatzioni
from Shanghai.

Despite all the difficulties, everyone is excited as we are approaching Purim and are preparing
as if nothing else is about to happen. With only one month left, the children are already
planning their costumes, and the chaverim are making gifts for their partners. And how do the
pairs form? We just leave it to luck… And most importantly, the gifts must be handmade –
gifting purchased items is forbidden. As you will be able to see, life continues….

Missing you,

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