"No one can go back and be born again. But anyone can start today to create a new path."

Our dream

Darkí arises from the need to give people with disabilities the possibility to participate in a long term plan in Israel, organized especially for them, taking care of all their needs. Darkí (in Hebrew ,דרכי my way), comes from the word derej ,דרך(way).

Understanding that each participant will make this experience their own “path”.

Our objective

Provide the opportunity for people with disabilities from Latin America to participate in long-term plans in Israel.

To strengthen the Jewish identity and the Zionist dream of people with disabilities through their experiences in the program.

To enhance and encourage the personal development and self-determination of participants through a long-term trip away from their familiar environment.

To develop adaptation and survival skills in new environments.

Provide the opportunity to learn a new language

To learn a leisure activity, carry out internships according to the interests and skills of the participant to implement it in his or her country of origin.

Participants and the selection process:

Understanding that there are different types of disabilities, this project is intended for any person with an intellectual disability who meets the following requirements:

In order to establish precisely which population will be targeted, it is essential to have a clear and precise understanding of what we mean by “person with a disability”.


For the World Health Organization, “Disability” is understood as a restriction or impairment of the ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered “normal” for a human being.

Specialized team

Therapeutic companions

Highly qualified madrichim

Psychologist permanently with the group

Occupational Therapist

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