Iafi Shpirer

President (Chairman)

Paul Rozenberg


Born in Peru, he is boguer of the Tnua, occupying various positions in the Hanhaga. He studied Industrial Engineering, and made Aliya in 1996. He studied Sound Engineering in Tel Aviv, and worked in different projects with youth. Between the years 2004 and 2007, he served as shaliach of the Tnua in Ecuador. Returning from the Shlijut, he started working as CFO in Hanoar Hatzioni until 2013, when he occupied his current position as CEO.

Paul currently lives in Tel Aviv, is married to Virginie, and father of Mia and Yotam.

Sergio Edelstein

Head of Education

A member of "Hanoar Hatzioni" since 1975, Sergio occupied the positions of madrich, pirsumim, Head of Continental Machon (1982 and 1985), Head of Hinuch Continental and Mazkir of the Tnua in Uruguay. Sergio is boguer of Machon le Madrichei Hul (1980). He made Aliya in 1985, and arrived to Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha. He served as Universal Mazkir (2006-2012). He studied his M.A in "Educative Administration with specialty in Informal Education". Sergio currently lives in Nes Tziona with his wife Dorita, who is also bougueret of "Hanoar Hatzioni" Uruguay, and is father of Nicole and Dan.

Gabriel Degen

Director of Latin America Department

Gabriel was born in Uruguay. He was active in the Tnua, occupying the positions of Madrich, Harchava and Rosh Ken. He participated in the Machon le Madrichim in 1998. He made Aliya in 2001 and arrived to Kibbutz Ein Gev. Gabriel studied his B.A in Political Science and Communication, and was Shaliach of Hanoar Hatzioni and the Jewish Agency in Ecuador and Uruguay. He directed the program "Shnat Hachshara Amlat" for two years, until occupying his current positon.

Gabriel currently lives in Karmiel, is married to Valeria, and father of Lidor and Lia.

Yuval Nemirovsky

Director of Europe and North America Department

Diego Bieber

Director of Finance and Logistics

Diego was born in Uruguay. He was active in the Tnua since his early childhood, occupying the positions of Madrich, Rosh Hutz and Guizbar. He participated in

Machon le Madrichim in 1998. He made Aliya in 2002. Diego is an accouter, and graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was Shalich of Hanoar Hatzioni and The Jewish Agency in Peru. He holds his current position since his return from the Shlihut 6 months ago.

Diego currently live in Jerusalem with his wife Helen, and his children Tamar ad Noam.

Romi Morales

Director of Shnat Hachshara Program

Romi is a member of Hanoar Hatzioni since 1992, where she occupied positions in the Hanhaga both locally and nationally. She is Bogueret Shnat Hachshara 2004. Romi made Aliya in 2010, after she finished her B.A in Science Education. Romi is currently finishing her M.A studies in "Administration, Politics and Leadership in Educational Institutions" in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

She currently lives in Kfar Adumim, married to Daniel and mother of Calanit.

Salo Harel

Coordinator of Shnat Hachshara Program

Salo is boguer of "Hehaltz Lamerchav" Mexico, where he was active as Madrich and Rosh Ken among other positions. He is boguer Shnat Hachshara 2004, and made Aliya in 2007. Salo studied his B.A in Political Science and Communication in the University of Haifa. He was always an active part of the world tnuati during his klita process in Israel. Today he is the coordinator of the Israel Challenge program.

Salo currently lives in Haifa, with his future wife Gal whom he met during his studies.

Diego "Charno" Charnovich

Director of Communications & Israel Challenge Program

Matias Dileva

Coordinator of Israel Challenge Program


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