Manhigut International Camp

Manhigut International Camp 2
19 - 24 october 2022

Who attended?

Shnat Hajshara

Madrichim and Madrichot from Latinamerica who are part of the program.

Arevim Masa Year of Service

Volunteer program managed by Hanoar Hatzioni Haolami


Representatives of Manhigut youth leaders from all over the world.

Bama Olim B'Israel

Olim and Olot from Hanoar Hatzioni and our sister tnuot

Sister tnuot

Chaverim and chaverot from our sister tnuot from Europe and others.

The Mazkirut Olamit

Our great team of Hanoar Hatzioni Haolami

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Manual - Tips on how to take better pictures with your mobile

Founders of the great Ideas

Posters Cool Hanoar Hatzioni

Moadon Israel

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